Fix My Feet can be a fitting solution for foot pain

If just walking around or standing is literally a pain, there’s a custom solution that could help.
Our friends at Fix My Feet create unique sole supports that use a four-arch system to customize the fit right for you.
Doug Nadolski is the owner, and says "It's the four-arch system that makes the difference. They not only help with foot pain, but can also relieve knee and back pain."
He starts by taking an imprint of a customer’s foot, customizes the size to fit their feet and four arches and then conducts a balance test. Customers can try them out before purchasing them and they come with a 90-day comfort guarantee.

Michelle Stamatakis says she has suffered from pain since breaking her ankle and had bad pain in her heel. She said over-the-counter arch supports only give her temporary relief. She is hoping Fix My Feet can help. 

Nadolski fitted her and performed the balance test on the air and Stamatakis felt relief immediately. "It feels like my foot is more stable in the shoe and I can definitely feel the support in the arch.

The Fix My Feet arch supports can be worn with a variety of shoes including sandals and heels.
The company is located at 22701 Greater Mack in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. You can call them at (586) 601-5988 or learn more about them by visiting their website: fixmyfeettoday.com