Retired cop is crafting the next generation of filmmakers

How one man is using his time to pay it forward after retiring

Retired police detective used the best of his time to work with the youth in an interesting way, by crafting the next generation of filmmakers. Scott Galeski founded Detroit Downriver Student Film Consortium after he started his filmmaking career in 2009.

Galeski  said the program is a positive experience for the kids. He said he especially likes the troublemakers. " I like the kids who make bad decisions," said Galeski. " because they are edgy and critical thinkers." He said the program allows so many different groups of kids to come together, from the edgy ones to the honor students. Galeski said, "Making movies to help the youth is art. It's a way to express yourself and to be heard." 

Galeski said the most rewarding thing to him about the program is when the students leave the program and go off to college and go on into the arts. 

If you want to know more about Detroit Downriver Student Film Consortium seek them out on Facebook.