Dr. Ian Smith helps you get "Clean & Lean"

Want to learn how to become a new you in 30 days?

Summer time is slowly approaching and some of us are trying to get our beach bodies ready, so if you want to shed some pounds in 30 days then our friend Dr. Ian Smith will give you some great tips in his new book "Clean & Lean: 30 Days, 30 Foods To A New You." 

Smith started by describing the meaning of clean and lean. "Clean and lean means clean and lean eating meets intermittent and fasting." He goes on to say that clean eating is about reducing processed ingredients, which is really good for weight loss.

When explaining intermittent and fasting, Smith said "Intermittent fasting is about feeding periods and fasting periods. When you combine the two of them it is like lightning in a bottle."  He said the wieght loss is "outrages," and the average amount of weight that someone can lose is up to 15 pounds in 30 days.

He also added that he has a Facebook group called "Cleaner Get Leaner."  Smith said, "People don't realize that processed food can disrupt the hormonal system and by disrupting the hormones can cause weight gain and prevent weight loss." He said the intermittent fasting doesn't just help with weight loss but it also aids in decreasing inflammation, which can reduce belly fat. He explained that when a person is not eating during the fasting period the body will try to find a source of energy, which is in the fat and it burns down the fat.

Smith listed food that people are able to eat during this diet, starting with turkey bacon, sweet potatoes, organic cheese, whole wheat/whole grain tortillas, whole grain/whole wheat pasta, nuts and olive oil for sauteing only, beef, pork and fish.  He also named foods that you don't want to have like yogurt with fruit on the bottom because it comes with a lot of sugar added. Non-fat salad dressing because they take the fat out, but they add more sugar. Granola bars are high is sugar as well.

You can purchase Dr. Smith's new book where books are sold.