New fried chicken restaurant opens inside Detroit's Shinola Hotel

4 words - Honey Butter Dunked Biscuits!

Crispy fried chicken jazzed up with whatever sauce you'd like served with glistening, sweet, buttery biscuits is what Penny Red's is known for. 

They got their name by combing the name of their industrial pressure cooking deep fryer, Henny Penny, and the Rhode Island Red chicken. 

This small restaurant, located inside of the Shinola Hotel on Farmer Street, is covered in wood paneling with cheeky trophies on their shelves, giving it the look of a retro high school. You can choose to get your food to go, or you can dine in at their partner place next door, The Brakeman. 

"The Brakeman is an American beer hall. This is meant to be a hangout," explains Don Hammond, the executive chef of all the restaurants in the Shinola Hotel.

The Brakeman has shuffleboard tables, beer pong tables, they'll have ping pong tables in their alley in the summer, plus they have a draft table. Yes, you read that right, they have beer on draft built right into a table you can rent so you can pour your own beer. The whole hall works using beer tokens, It costs $7 per token and that will get you one of their Michigan craft beers or a flight of 3 smaller beers.

As Hammond says, "What goes better with beer than fried chicken?"

They kept their menu simple selling fried chicken by the half, whole or two whole chickens. They also have some scrumptious farm-fresh sides including crispy brussels sprouts, coconut curry carrots, and their famous biscuits that you can get dry or dunked in a honey butter sauce. 

Penny Red's is located at 1445 Farmer Street in Detroit. 

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