Balloons and unicorns take over Ann Arbor at Pop! Designs and Creations

Store owner created famous unicorns

Meredith Bruckner from All About Ann Arbor shows us the art of Carolynn Hayman, who makes balloon costumes for her company Pop! Designs & Creations.

Balloons add a special touch to festive occasions and when you turn them into eye-popping costumes, they take things to a whole new level. Meredith Bruckner, from, joined Jason Carr to discuss the local artist who's making waves with her creations. 

Carolynn Hayman is the owner of Pop! Designs and Creations in Ann Arbor. She creates colorful costumes with balloons; she even went viral on social media a few years ago with a mammoth balloon costume, Conrad the Unicorn. The balloon costumes can be made for special occasions of all types, like birthday parties and parades. The creations can be made in multiple sizes as stand alone props or they can be worn. 

Hayman said the process to make these balloon creations differs due to size and difficulty. She said the more creations you make, the faster you get. Not only can you get a full balloon suit, but Hayman can also make a balloon head or headpiece for an occasion. 

Meredith Bruckner writes about people like Carolynn and her balloon creations at the website


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