'Reel Talk': 'John Wick 3 'and ' A Dog's Journey' hit screens this weekend

It might be rainy this weekend, so why not check out some new movies hitting the big screen? Greg Russell joined Jason Carr in studio Friday for 'Reel Talk' thanks to our partners at MJR Digital Cinemas. 

Keanu Reeves has been all over the place promoting his new movie, "John Wick 3" and Russell had the chance to talk to him. 

In the interview, Reeves says, the cast got the opportunity to tell another chapter, so they had to make everything bigger. However, they tried to change it up a bit, so there are different kinds of action involving motorcycles, horses and dogs. 

"This is an action movie, and you know what you are getting going in," said Russell, who gave "John Wick 3" four out of five reels. 

Then, Russell touched on "Dogs Journey," the sequel to "A Dog's Purpose." "It is one of these stories where they get a puppy and eventually have to get euthanized after time," said Russell. "Then they get a new dog and the spirit of the old dog just continues to come back." Russell gave "A Dogs Journey" three our of five reels. 

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