Watch them take flight: The Detroit Kite Festival is coming to Belle Isle

Hundreds of kites, all shapes and colors will be in the sky

All eyes will be on the skies at Belle Isle this weekend, The Detroit Kite Festival is happening Sunday July 14. There will be professional kite flyers, kite making and more; and you and your family are encouraged to bring your kites and join in on the fun. It is a free activity. Gary Maynard, captain of The Windjammers Kite Team, and team pilot Michael Carlisle joined Jason Carr to discuss the event and what people can look forward to. 

Maynard said the large kites may look heavy, but they only weigh a few pounds. And the reason why they are so large is because the team performs kite ballet to music. The team usually flies 13 kites each, colored red, white and blue kites and perform a syncronized dance with them to patriotic music. They then bring the kites together to make a large American flag.

The team members explained the difference between a sports kite and single line kites. They said it only takes two minutes at the most to set a kite up and have it ready for flight. The Windjammers are the oldest professional kite flying team in the world and they travel to different countries flying kites. Carlisle said it is fun traveling around and flying kites, even though it's not their profession. Also they love seeing everyone's reaction to the shows and, if the winds are good, they let people fly the kites with them.

The Detroit Kite Festival will be held Sunday, July 14 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Belle Isle.