Jump into fitness with Krazy Fit in Allen Park

Work up a sweat in kangaroo boots and their bungee workouts

Krazy Fit gym in Allen Park has a new take on a high energy workout

Most people use barbells and treadmills to get fit, but a gym in Allen Park is hopping into a new workout trend. The gym is called Krazy Fit and Kila Peeples showed how this workout can be a lot of fun and have you working up a sweat. 

Krazy Fit uses two methods of workouts, kangaroo boots and bungee. Owner Dione Johnson wanted to bring new ways to get fit to Detroit. She was watching bungee on TV and saw it as a way to exercise without harming her joints. Johnson, who is a nurse practitioner, opened the gym early this summer and people have been coming from all over to try out the classes. 

According to Johnson, the kangaroo jump class decreases the impact on your joints; it's an intense, low-impact cardio workout that is good for people of all ages and fitness levels.

The bungee fit class has you linked to a bungee cord, running, jumping and doing burpees. The class is only 20 minutes long and incorporates 30 seconds to a minute of activities. Krazy Fit is a good out-of-the-box way to work out and get you into those skinny jeans.

Krazy Fit is on Allen Road in Allen Park.