Jordin Sparks left us with 'No Air' after her live interview.

Live in the D: Interview with Jordin Sparks

Host Tati Amare spoke to Jordin sparks live from New York City to talk about her new son, partnership with Kalahari Resorts, and her upcoming projects.

We asked the American Idol winner to tell us why it's so important for children to be comfortable around the water as families travel for summer vacation.

"It's great for them to have fun and there are so many things they are learning that can be applied to the rest of their lives when they learn how to swim. It's key for them to be safe especially with kid,s it can only take a second..." Jordin replied.

She also told Live in the D viewers that she is working with Kalahari Resorts and they have made a donation to the USSA foundations' Make a Splash program which goes into underserving communities to teach kids how to swim. 

Jordin is also a new mom to a baby boy. She expressed that she enjoys bringing her new inspiration to the studio to see her workplace. Fans can be on the lookout for Jordin's new music, a new TV show, and a Christmas related film.



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