The live action "The Lion King" roars in theaters this weekend

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There's a big movie out this weekend that is expected to make more $100 million. Our partners at MJR Digital Cinemas want you to know about the new movies in theaters. Greg Russell joined us on Friday for Reel Talk. 

Russell started out talking about "The Lion King" live-action remake. "It is the story that you all know; there is Simba he is born and destined to be king," said Russell. 

The movie only has a 56% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However, Russell said that he thought the movie was great and gave it four reels. 

Russell also talked about a new movie that is out on digital. "Supervised" which brings back some old school actors. 

"It's all about these superheroes that are in their 70s or 80s and are living in a nursing home in Ireland," said Russell. "Then all of a sudden, they realize that someone who is around them is trying to steal their superpowers to make themselves more powerful." 

Russell gave "Supervised" three reels and said it was hilarious. 

This week, Russell is giving away many Lion King items. 

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