Here's how to have a successful garage sale

Summer is the season of barbecues and lounging by the lake or the beach, but it's also the season for garage sales. So pull out all of those items from the garage and attic that are gathering dust and turn them into cold, hard cash. Holly Southerland, Professional Organizer and owner of Ann Arbor Home Organizers joined us Thursday to give us tips and tricks for a successful garage sale. 

The first tip is to plan. "Pick a date a couple of weeks in advance where you know to have it on the calendar, you can recruit help, get a city permit and get all your supplies together," said Southerland. 

The second tip is to promote your sale. Southerland says on the day of the sale make big and bright signs that lead people to your garage sale. 

The third tip is to price everything by category instead of every single item. 

The last tip is to post an ad on Craigslist to let people know you are having a garage sale. Southerland says that garage sale apps pull from postings on Craigslist.