Have you tried Native American cuisine?

It's the All-American cuisine that many haven't had the chance to experience. We are talking about Native American foods. Award-winning chef Sean Sherman, a member of the Oglala Lakota Sioux Tribe, joined us on Wednesday. He's taking American cuisine back to its roots by giving people a taste of authentic Native American Cuisine. 

"We look at the history of where we are standing and knowing that no matter where we are standing in North America, we are standing on indigenous land," said Sherman. 

A Native American diet is based on regional, indigenous and seasonal foods. "We look at the tribes that lived in this area and use really simple and healthy flavors," said Sherman. "We cut out colonial ingredients so there is no dairy, flour or sugar and we don't even use beef, pork or chicken." 

He brought with him wild rice cakes, nettles, cattails, a variety of wild blossoms and smoked trout to make a Native American dish. 

Sherman is joining Ji Hye Kim owner of the restaurant Miss Kim in Ann Arbor for an event to bring awareness to Native American food and culture.