Going back to school can be a lesson in going green

Back-to-school time is right around the corner. Sales are popping up, and parents are prepping. Sharon Ragland-Keys, from College Tutors Detroit, joined us to share ideas on how you and your family can go green for back to school and save some money. 

The first tip is to make a list of everything that you already have so you don't buy things you don't need. "That way, you won't spend more money," Ragland-Keys said. "It is estimated that families spend $697.00 when buying back-to-school items." 

The second tip is to cut down on paper by reusing pads of paper, binders, etc.  that you have at home. For example, if a notebook is still in good condition, use it again instead of buying a new one. She said that if you want to buy something new, buy a recyclable notebook. 

The third tip is to make lunchtime a little greener by using a reusable bag instead of a paper bag and reusable containers instead of plastic sandwich bags. 

The fourth tip involves the back-to-school wardrobe. She suggests having a clothes swapping party with friends or donating old clothes instead of throwing them away.