Here's how to get that fab look with your natural hair

Tati's Take on Natural Hair


I LOVE my natural hair and feel most like my true self when my curls are flowing freely. Though more women are choosing, like me, to embrace their curls, coils and kinks this wasn't always the most popular way for black women to wear their hair.

The natural hair movement has been exploding in the past fifteen years but the politics of natural hair was brought to the mainstream in the 2009 Chris Rock documentary "Good Hair". Rock's purpose for creating the film was to start an in-depth conversation around black hair and hopefully change the narrative.

In this spirit several natural hair conventions have blossomed all over the country and we have our very own here in Detroit that's happening this weekend at Cobo Center. The 3rd Annual Detroit Natural Hair Expo will host panel discussions, hair workshops and demonstrations as well as feature local and national hair care brands geared toward black hair.

This event is the perfect opportunity to learn more if you are considering going natural or have been wearing your kinky locks for years. You can learn how to start this journey, make new "curly girl" friends or find your next favorite product. Click on the video to see what I use on my own hair.

The 3rd Annual Detroit Natural Hair Expo is Saturday from 11am to 5:30pm at Cobo Center in Detroit.

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