That's high quality H2O: Get clean, soft water for your home with American Aqua

The benefits of using American Aqua in your home are almost limitless

This segment is sponsored by American Aqua.

How many times have you turned on the tap for water in your house in a day? To take a shower? Or to get a drink of water? Maybe to run the washing machine or dishwasher? Hve you ever wondered how pure the water is? Our friends from American Aqua have solutions to ensure clean water for your family and home. Wes Vanderbrink joined Tati Amare to discuss how American Aqua can help with your water woes.

Vanderbrink went over the different issues homeowners can face with their water, including contaminants, hard water and how the many filtration systems American Aqua has can help. With a good filtration system, Vanderbrink said you will use less detergent when washing your clothes and will maximize the longevity of your appliances. The systems will also soften your water, which can prevent water spots on dishes. 

To schedule your free estimate and to learn more about how you can get the purest water for your family and home, visit americanaqua.com or call 734-887-1100.