You can tube down these cascades in Ann Arbor! Here's how!

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Looking for something to do this weekend before the warm weather goes away? Check out the Argo and Gallup Liveries in Ann Arbor, located right on the Huron River. Whether you want to splash around in a tube or stand up and paddle gracefully over the water on a stand-up paddleboard, the Huron River Trail is the place to go.

The Huron River runs right through the city of Ann Arbor, and in the 1960s the city purchased the surrounding land to create a green corridor throughout the city. The Border to Border Trail, also known as the B2B Trail, runs along part of the river so you can hike along the waterfront. 

You can also get in the water and enjoy it as well. There are two main ponds along the river where there are two liveries; Gallup Pond and Argo Pond. These liveries are the largest in the state with almost 600 watercraft. They offer single-person kayaks, double kayaks, three-person canoes, five-person rafts, tubes, paddleboards and more. 

At the Argo Pond, there are also the man-made Argo Cascades that allow you to circumvent the damn by going down nine drops before continuing down the river. The cascades are pretty gentle with each drop being around a foot to a foot and a half high. They also have life preservers available so everyone in the family can join in on the fun. 

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