How to balance your tailgate for the win

Henry Ford Health System has some healthy options to add to your tailgate

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Live In The D host Tati Amare chatted with Saydee Beeler, a nutritionist form Henry Ford Health Systems, about how to add healthier options to your tailgate. 

Saydee says, "There's no good and bad food. Just balance it with color."  Saydee brought in fruits and vegetables to go along with your favorite tailgate treats. Some healthy options Saydee brought in were fruit Kabobs, grilled peaches, veggie foil wraps, and fruits to use as a garnish for your burgers or bratwurst. 

You can also create a bean dip that can be made quickly with two ingredients. The bean dip adds fiber to your tailgate which will keep you full, stabilize blood sugar, lower blood pressure and, most importantly, keep your digestive system moving. 

Additionally, you create an irresistible, colorful kale salad with your favorite healthy toppings. This is a great side for all of your goodies while helping to balance out your tailgate. 

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