Here's how to get those pesky bats safely out of your home this fall!

This article is sponsored by Precision Wildlife Removal.

Now is that the time of year when you may notice some unwanted visitors around the house getting inside looking for a warm place to call home for the winter. Our sponsors at Precision Wildlife Removal have effective and humane solutions to protect your home from critters moving in. 

So what does the humane way of removing pests look like? Precision Wildlife Removal owner, Jason Pate described their method of removing bats by using a series of one-way doors. Then, when the bats leave to go get food from the outside, they are no longer able to get back into your home. Precision Wildlife Removal can also install guards on your roof vents where bats frequently come in. Their methods work whether you have a ridge vent or a square vent.  As Pate pointed out, bats are a federally protected species so the only way to remove them is the humane way. Precision Wildlife Removal is a full-blown roofing company as well, so they know how to properly install these guards without doing any damage to your roof. After installing the guards, the bats are typically out within a few days. 

How do you know if you have bats? The tell-tale sign is scratching in your walls or ceilings. You might also see bat droppings on your front porch or around the outside of your house as well. 

If you have bats in your home and would like to get them out safely, you can call them at 888-3GOTBATS or visit their website at precisionwildliferemoval.com.

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