Creating accessibility with “Quick Ramps for Kids”

Mitch Albom shares what’s being done in the Heart of Detroit

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Getting in and out of your home or car is something you don’t even think about, but for people with disabilities it can be a challenging task.

Hosts Tati Amare and Jason Carr spoke to Leslynn Angel, the President & CEO of United Cerebral Palsy of Metro Detroit, about the way they are changing the lives of kids with disabilities.

The United Cerebral Palsy of Metro Detroit has been helping to distribute portable ramps to make daily tasks easier. The organization program “Quick Ramps for Kids” is working to raise funds to help parents purchase ramps. The ramps help those with disabilities get over stairs and into cars. Ramps cost between $200 and $600 which can be a financial challenge for some families. So far, the program has donated more than 200 ramps to families in need. The goal is for every child in Southeast Michigan to have full accessibility in their community. You can help by donating to the “Quick Ramps For Kids” program.

To donate visit the United Cerebral Palsy of Metro Detroit website.

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