WW helps you make your holiday table bright and beautiful

WW teams up with Williams-Sonoma at Somerset Collection to create a healthy holiday table

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Fill your platter with colorful healthy food this holiday season.

Host Tati Amare spoke to Carol Piccinini-Cook, a coach from WW and Lynn Arrington from Williams-Sonoma at Somerset Collection about how to make your holiday table bright and beautiful.

It’s time to decorate your table for the holidays! Lynn says that plaid, holiday themes, and flowers are always a great way to make your table more festive. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and designs!

Now it’s time for the main event - the food! Carol says WW recommends adding colorful food like fruit shish kabobs. You can also make your food fun. Try using broccoli and designing it as a Christmas tree.

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Watch the video to learn more.

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