Get your holiday sweets fix with Ingram’s Candies

Chocolates galore can be found in Troy and Eastern Market’s Holiday Markets

Troy – The Holiday Markets at Eastern Market are in full swing and there are many homegrown businesses offering great items to make your season brighter. One company is making the season sweet with delicious handmade chocolates and candies. Ingram’s Candies has been around for 18 years in Troy, making yummy candies created from unique recipes owner Beth Ingram perfected.

From chocolate dipped toffee to Ingram’s Movie Mix (a sweet treat that mixes chocolate, soft buttered caramel and pretzels into a delightful bark) Ingram’s Candies has something for everyone to enjoy during and after the holidays. Ingram’s Candies is located in Troy, but you can get your sweet fix at the Eastern Market’s Holiday Markets going on Sundays until Christmas day. The Holiday Markets start at 9 a.m.

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