New Asian flavors are being served at a historical Detroit theater!

Dine in the D at PAO Detroit

Dine in the D: Pao Detroit on Live in the D

Downtown Detroit – If you are looking for a new place to try in Downtown Detroit, then we’ve got a place for you! PAO Detroit, who’s name means to “escape,” really does provide a nice escape from the cold Michigan winter. Located in a historical Detroit theater and dishing up delicious Asian favorites with a twist, this beautifully restored restaurant is a treat for both the eyes and the taste buds.

The theater was originally built in 1927 and featured the ornate styles of movie palaces of that period. Around 1950 the movie palace was closed and the theater portion was knocked down in favor of a parking lot, leaving only the lobby. The people of PAO Detroit moved into the lobby and restored it, creating a beautiful and unique atmosphere mixing the old with the new. The restaurant has two floors providing quite a bit of seating, and allowing the embellished walls to be seen in their full glory.

In such a gorgeous setting, it only makes sense that the food would be eye-catching as well. Chef Alex Farhat heads up an inventive menu full of Asian fusion flavors, all exquisitely plated up. Favorites include their creamy rock shrimp, charred octopus and crispy pork belly. Their menu is meant to be shared so everyone at the table can try a bit of everything. Most plates fall in the $15 - $25 price range.

If you want to try PAO Detroit, they are located at 114 W Adams in Detroit.

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