MSU has a jazzy way to inspire the next generation of musicians.

MSU’s Jazz Artist in Residence program is giving students experience outside of the classroom

MSU Jazz residency on Live in the D
MSU Jazz residency on Live in the D

Host Jason Carr and Tati Amere discussed music and motivation with Xavier Davis, head of Jazz Piano Studies at Michigan State University, and jazz pianist, composer and Artist in Residence Bruce Barth.

MSU’s Jazz Artist in Residence program has been going for several years and allows students to learn from professionals in the music industry. Davis says this program is so important because the students are able to learn straight from other artists in the industry, and they get to soak up real world knowledge. Barth says he hopes to give the students real hands-on experience and to take in the feeling of jazz by studying alongside mentors in the industry. By interacting with real artists, and hearing the music in real time, the students get learn some things they may not get out of a book.

Two students of the program joined Bruce Barth to play one of his originals “Almost Blues.”

Bruce Barth will be in Pontiac at Flagstar Strand Theater For The Performing of Arts this evening

To hear Barth and the jazz students play, click on the video above.