Organize your closet like a superstar

California Closets of Michigan has an easy, modular way to help you organize your space

California Closets on Live in the D
California Closets on Live in the D

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Do you dream of having a beautifully organized closet, living space or workspace? Well, California Closets can make that dream come true! California Closets is famous for their unique custom designs for closets, pantries, living rooms and more. And now there’s something new!

Hosts Tati Amare and Kim DeGiulio spoke to the owner of California Closets of Michigan, Sheilah Markham and the Director of Sales Michael Gregart about the New Everyday System for Home Organization. Now this new system was designed in collaboration with Martha Stewart. The New Everday System for Home Organization is great for those who are renting their homes or looking for a temporary closet organization setup. The New Everyday System offers a more modern aesthetic design with easy installation.

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Watch the video to see different ways they California closest can organize your space!

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