These mammoth milkshakes are a mouthful

M Street Bakery in Howell is shaking things up

When you think of a milkshake you may think of a glass filled with a thick blend of ice cream and milk. You may top it with a cherry or whipped cream. M Street Bakery takes milkshakes to a whole new level with its bold and eye-catching toppings. They started out in 2015 by making cakes for friends and selling them at the farmers markets. The love for their baked goods grew and grew until they were able to open up their own store and expand to create dazzling delicious shakes. M Street Bakery applies a mix of cool new food trends and creativity to create their sweet treats. They have a variety of flavors which change seasonally. Don’t be surprised if you see a cupcake or a brownie piled high on your shake.

To see more marvelous milkshakes click on the video above.