Upgrade your happy hour with this legendary cheese ball!

It’s fun to make and to eat!

Michelle here! So in honor of it being National Cheese Ball Day Friday (Yes, they seem to have a day for everything), I will be sharing my family’s famous cheese ball recipe. I say “famous” because whenever there is a party or a family gathering, everyone always asks us to bring this cheese ball. You have it once, you will always crave it... seriously.

I forget exactly when this tradition started, but we’ve been making it since I was a kid. I remember loving to mix all the ingredients together by hand and squeezing the cream cheese through my fingers (To be honest, I still enjoy this.). So here is the recipe for the cheese ball. Enjoy!

The Oliver Family Cheese Ball


16oz of Cream Cheese

1/4 Lb. Ham

3-4 Green Onions

Shredded Cheddar Cheese, enough to coat outside of the ball


Dice up the green onions and ham into bite-sized pieces. Combine ham, green onions, and cream cheese in a bowl, using your hands to mix it together. If you have kids at home, this is a great step for them to do. Once it is well blended, form the mixture into a ball. Spread out shredded cheddar cheese on a plate in a thin layer. Roll the ball in the cheddar cheese until it is fully covered. Place on a clean plate to serve with crackers. My family’s personal recommendation is to serve it with Triscuits; we’ve studied it for years, and they are undeniably the best with it. Enjoy!

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