Don’t delay seeing your doctor!

Beaumont Health is working to keep you safe during your next doctor’s visit

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Many patients have not been seeking medical care as they normally would because of the pandemic. Host Tati Amare spoke with Dr. Nick Gilpin the Beaumont Health Director of Infection Prevention about the safety measures that Beaumont Heath has in place for those seeking medical attention.

Beaumont Health has implemented numerous safeguards such as screenings of symptoms, giving out free masks and removing chairs in waiting rooms for social distancing purposes. The hospitals deep clean areas to insure the safety of future patients.

Upon visiting the hospital you will be screened and masked and depending on your need for medical care they can refer you to a waiting room then an examination room. All providers and patients will wear masks during the visit. Some patients may be referred to a Telehealth appointment.

Watch the video to learn about the safety procedures in place at Beaumont Health for your next doctor’s visit.

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