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Kila Peeples shares some of her favorite places she has covered After Hours

Kila Peeples shares some of the coolest places she's done stories on for After Hours. (2020 WDIV)

After Hours... anytime I think of these words, I hear Jason Carr do his husky radio voice introducing the segment. And it works! I mean the entire evening should have a swag that stays with you from the moment you get out of the car to go to your favorite bar, club or dive, to the time you get home. After Hours is near and dear to me because I love getting dressed up and going out to a nice night on the town. It’s like I’m in my own version of Destiny’s Child’s song “Jumpin’ Jumpin’” (if you don’t know the song, look it up). So to narrow down a top 3 After Hours segments is difficult because I’ve loved them all. But, here are the ones that stand out in my mind.

Willis Show Club

This re-boot of a nightclub was my first After Hours I ever did. As a person who had left the Detroit area for a while, I wanted to find out where the cool kids hung out. The Willis Show Bar in midtown Detroit is that place. The Willis has it all, really it does! Live music, old school drinks that are made with a splash of flair and a twist of nostalgia. As soon as I was greeted at the door, I was given the rundown: relax, have fun, and don’t take pictures of the burlesque dancer. (Whoa... oh, oh ok). Once past the curtain, I felt like I was in an old movie you would see at the Redford Theatre. A big band, complete with a red hot brass section, plush seats and people enjoying the retro atmosphere. The owner and staff are go out of their way to be nice and welcoming, a major plus for me. I have spent a-many night at The Willis personally, it’s one of my go-to places whenever someone visits the D.

Sid Gold’s Last Request

Singing and I have a torrid past. I was in choir, honors choir and musicals all of my high school years. I put so much into it, I began not to really like singing. For a while the only people who would hear my pipes were my pets and people in there cars at red lights. However, when I went to Sid Gold’s Last Request in downtown Detroit, I got the fever, and the only prescription was karaoke. Not only does this place have a cool circle bar that is adorned with bottles of eclectic liquors, but the back room is where the vocal magic happens. I have never seen a karaoke bar have a live piano player perform your song as you belt out Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts”. I was floored and impressed. I still have to fill that prescription for karaoke and you may see me there throwing down on Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”.

The Monarch Club

When I found out there would be a rooftop bar in the D, I immediately told Jammy (our producers Tammy and Jay) I gotta do an After Hours on it. Luckily, I got a sneak peek of The Monarch Club on top of the Metropolitan Element Hotel in downtown Detroit the day before it opened. It was right up my alley, taking the elevator to the 25th Penthouse floor, the doors opening to the bright lights of the city, my city. The views from the 3 patios is nothing short of spectacular, in the day or night time. It was so nice to see the city from that view. Growing, rebounding and a fun destination. I love going to the Monarch, it’s a must in the summertime to see the city I love from such great heights.

Things will eventually get back to a new normal and as long as there are places to go... I will continue to highlight them because as they say, the night time is the right time.

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I am one of the Multimedia Journalists for Live in the D on WDIV at 10 a.m. I try out the cool, new fun adventure-y things that are in the D.