The story of Detroit’s favorite ginger ale

Vernors remains a staple in the D

Uniquely Detroit Vernors on Live in the D

Detroit’s favorite ginger ale is Vernors!

The story of Vernors begins with James Vernors who worked in Detroit in a drug store. Since all drug stores had soda fountains at the time, James attempted to create his own special drink. He then inlisted in the civil war and was away for 4 years as his ginger ale was aging. When he returned from war he opened his own drug store and finally opened his barrel of ginger ale extract. That’s what led to Vernors being made.

Keith Wunderlich is a Metro Detorit who has been collecting Vernors memorabilia for the past 35 years. he has made up his basement to look like an old school soda fountain that features all of his Vernors collection. Wunderlich says Vernors is a soft drink that is meant to be drank by itself unlike other ginger ale’s that are meant to be mixers.

Watch the video to learn more about the special connection Vernors has to Detroit.

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