Watch Detroit Youth Choir perform for the Bill Brown Ford Concert Series

DYC will perform tonight at 6 pm on Facebook

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Bill Brown Ford has been hosting concerts on their Facebook page to help support local musicians and now it’s time for the biggest one yet!

Host Tati Amare chatted with Anthony White, the Detroit Youth Choir Artistic Director, and Matt Garchow with Bill Brown Ford about the Detroit Youth Choir’s performance in the Bill Brown Ford Concert Series.

The Bill Brown Ford Concert Series was created to entertain people at home while supporting musicians. The concerts are free to watch but there is a GoFundMe page that allows viewers to donate to the performer.

The Detroit Youth Choir hasn’t been able to perform because of the pandemic but they are focusing on projects like the Bill Brown Ford Concert Series for performance opportunities. The DYC family has had a couple of parents pass during the pandemic so the concert is a great way to lift the young musicians’ spirits during this time. White hopes that the City of Detroit continues to support them through this performance.

DYC will perform in the Bill Brown Concert Series tonight at 6pm on facebook.com/billbrownford

Watch the video to see what you can expect from the upcoming DYC concert!

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