Celebrate National Egg Roll Day by trying these 5 deliciously different egg rolls!

Michelle Oliver and AJ Williams Find Your Fix for Egg Rolls

Find your Fix Egg Rolls on Live in the D

You may have noticed something on the menu that is gaining popularity at restaurants all over town - egg rolls, but these aren’t the typical ones you enjoy at a Chinese restaurant. They have all kinds of delicious fillings but where are some of the most creative ones? Our resident foodie, Michelle Oliver, joined up with AJ Williams from the Michigan Chronicle to Find Your Fix for Egg Rolls! Here is where they went and what they ate:

1) Absurdly Delicious Cheeseburger Spring Rolls The Peterboro /420 Peterboro St., Detroit

This spring roll is loaded with seasoned ground beef, onions, and a creamy cheese sauce that is all blended together. The rolls are fried until crispy and are served with butter lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and their housemade fancy sauce. These are enjoyed a bit differently than most egg rolls. You are meant to make a lettuce wrap with the butter lettuce, putting the eggroll, tomatoes, pickles, and fancy sauce inside, but you can enjoy them however you would like. As Michelle said, it really does taste like a cheeseburger, but it has a pleasant crunch from the egg roll wrapper.

2) Irish Egg Rolls McShane’s Irish Pub and Whiskey Bar/1460 Michigan Ave., Detroit

These egg rolls are like a corned beef and cabbage dinner all rolled up in a crispy wrapper. They are filled with corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, green onions and a piece of swiss cheese. They are fried until golden brown and are served with housemade stoneground mustard. Both Michelle and AJ highly recommend dipping your eggroll in the mustard saying, “it changes the game.”

3) Pulled Pork Egg Rolls Round House BBQ/2760 W Jefferson Ave., Trenton

This fried snack is filled with house-smoked pulled pork, coleslaw, and their homemade Carolina BBQ sauce. It tastes like a pulled pork sandwich with a crunch! There is no need for a dipping sauce with this one, but if dipping is your deal, then they recommend asking for a side of the Carolina BBQ sauce.

4) Mac and Cheese Egg Rolls Round House BBQ/2760 W Jefferson Ave., Trenton

These egg rolls are filled with, you guessed it, mac and cheese. They are served with a side of ranch topped with crumbled bacon. AJ described these rolls as "sinful." Michelle strongly recommends eating them with the ranch and bacon saying it nicely breaks up the doughiness of the noodles and wrapper.

5) Beef Brisket Egg Rolls Round House BBQ/2760 W Jefferson Ave., Trenton

Filled with house-smoked beef brisket, coleslaw, cheese, and thousand island dressing, these egg rolls are scrumptious! They are served with more thousand island dressing to dip them in. The slow-smoked beef brisket is what really makes this roll. As AJ said, “Can I get a side of brisket?”

This piece was filmed in 2019

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