Gain support for your health goals from a virtual community

Virtual workshops can keep you on track toward your health goals

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Host Tati Amare spoke with Sarah Eldridge, a WW coach about how to stay active with WW while at home.

Eldrige explained how one of WW’s core ideals is to help their members understand that they are not alone and you can work with others to accomplish your health goals. Virtual workshops allow you to get to know more people and gain even more support. Eldridge says that many people tune in to hear how others are continuing to work towards their health goals during this time.

WW is planning to reopen certain locations for weigh-ins only. There are plans to reopen WW but they are not doing any in-person workshops at this time.

For more information call 888-3-florine or visit 888-3-florine.com

Watch the video to see how WW can support you on your health journey through virtual workshops.

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