Here’s how to cook up a perfectly grilled steak

Learn to cook steaks to order

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It’s summer which means it’s time to put your grill to work.

Host Jason Carr chatted with Michael Ollier a chef with Certified Angus Beef Brand about finding the best temperature to grill the perfect steak.

Michael says a thermometer is key to getting the best-grilled steak whether its medium-rare- or medium-well. When using your thermometer make sure to put it into the side of the steak and not the top to get to the center.

Michael only cooks with Certified Angus Beef Steaks because of the marbling. Marbling is where you find all of the flavors for your meat and Certified Angus Beef has just the right amount of marbling for a juicy steak.

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Watch the video to learn how to get a perfectly grilled steak.

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