The green space that is feeding Detroit for free

Mitch Albom profiles the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative in Detroit

Located at the North End of Detroit, Michigan urban farming is doing more than just helping the neighborhood’s food insecure; it is breathing new life into the community. Quan Blunt, Director of Operations at The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative, told Mitch Albom ,” Just being in this open space with the plants, I think it’s very calming and therapeutic.”

Eighty-percent of the produce grown on the farm’s three acres gets distributed for free throughout the neighborhood. The rest is donated to local churches and food banks. It is a mostly volunteer run initiative, and like most things, it too has been deeply impacted by the pandemic.

Founder Tyson Gersh joined Tati Amare live to discuss the farm and the challenges it has been facing. Gersh says the biggest impact the pandemic has had on the farm is losing volunteers who have canceled due to safety concerns.

However, Gersh says they are rallying. The community is completely behind the farm and the team at Michigan Urban Farming is getting the job done. The demand is still there and Gersh says they are doing everything to meet it.

Take a look at the farm and the different produce they grow there by clicking on the video above.

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