“Pick “ your corn off the cob before you eat it?

This Try It Out Tuesday finds out if you can remove corn kernels off the cob with a toothpick

Sometimes eating corn on the cob can be tricky, it gets stuck in between your teeth or you might drop the cob. Kila Peeples discovered a clever way to remove the entire corn kernel from the cob with something that you would normally use after you eat. She took a toothpick, and stabbed a row of kernels on the cooked cob. Then when you have a few on there, pull the toothpick up.

Kila tried this method many, many times and she didn’t get the results that she hoped for. It may work better with a long metal skewer. Kila also said she found a way to remove the kernels by running a spoon along a row on the cob and plucking them.

Watch the video above to see how Kila tried to “pick” the corn off of the cob.

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