Get virtual vocal lessons with this Music Monday singer

Angela Davis has performed on big stages across Detroit and she has a new song

Music Monday Angela Davis on Live in the D
Music Monday Angela Davis on Live in the D

This week’s Music Monday Home Studio Session featured singer Angela Davis. You may recognize Davis from her performances on the Ford Fireworks and America’s Thanksgiving Parade. Over quarantine she has been sharing her talent by giving vocal lessons to kids and adults. She started doing the lessons in her house before quarantine but she had to find a way to keep it going with social distancing. “We have zoom and FaceTime, Skype and all these amazing tools, so I let my students know that if they wanted to continue we could do them virtually,” said Davis.

Today on the show she sang her new song titled “Value of a Woman” written by herself and her mother. She put together a slide to go with the video and it’s available on YouTube.

Click the video above to see Angela Davis sing her new track.