Enjoy wine and wander on these Michigan trails

Sip and savor Michigan wines in the woods

Wine and Wander on Live in the D

A tropical vacation may be out of the cards right now but that’s okay. You can road trip to an adventure right here in Michigan. There’s something new near the shores of Lake Michigan that will have you enjoying wine and wandering.

Jenn Piotrowski with the Moersch Hospitality Group joined host Tati Amare to talk about their “Wine And Wander” activity on trails through the woods. The trails are approximately 3.6 miles in total but there are short cuts if you wish to go a shorter distance. “If you were gonna come out to the estate and you want to go on the trails, I would recommend that you don’t wear sandals or heels so that you don’t possibly trip,” said Piotrowski. Wine tastings are available at the Round Barn Estate Monday-Friday. However, if you want to go on the trail, you can go up to the estate and grab a drink to go.