Are parents and teachers ready for back to school?

What's The Buzz is all about the the stresses on parents and teachers as kids head back to school during a pandemic

Whats The Buzz Heading Back to School

The start of the school year is just around the corner and it’s going to look a lot different for every family, no matter where you live or what grade your child is in. It’s leaving parents and teachers with a lot on their minds. Vanessa Cohen, a mother of five and founder of The Cohen Brand, Kerry Doman, a mother of two and founder of, and Mark Sobolewski, a teacher in the Ann Arbor area, joined Jason Carr to discuss back to school concerns.

The group touched on topics such as what are the biggest challenges each of them are facing as they look ahead to the new school year, how they are handing the new challenges, and changes that will be happening this year, as well as handling social interaction.

Watch the video above to see what their responses were.