How to make smarter snacking choices this school year

Nutritionist Sayde Beeler is back with tips on how to involve your family in making balanced school snacks

Easy back to school snack ideas on Live in the D

As kids head back to school, whether virtually or in person, planning meals will become more important.

Henry Ford Health Systems Nutritionist Sayde Beeler explained that without a mix of fats, proteins, and fibers, school snacks will leave kids feeling less full. Even snacking on healthy items like fruits and vegetables can still leave you hungry, and not able to focus fully on work or school.

According to Beeler, one important thing to think about when planning a meal is to involve a variety of forms and textures of healthy items. Having frozen and canned fruits and veggies can give you a lot more options when making meals, and helps streamline the work it takes to prep your food.

Beeler suggests planning meals in advance so you don’t have to take time out of the work or school day working in the kitchen. She also suggests getting the family involved in meal prep. From young kids to teenagers, she says that giving kids the opportunity to have a say in their meals will help take the stress out of planning.