What childhood toys stick in your memory?

Fancy a game of Pong, anyone?

What's the Buzz - Remembering your favorite things from childhood on Live in the D

Today is National Coloring Day. Remember breaking out the crayons or markers and doing your best to stay in the lines of that coloring book? Well, that got us thinking about favorite things from our childhood and we’re talking about it today on What’s The Buzz. Joining host Jason Carr to talk about it are Vanessa Cohen, the Founder of the Cohen Brand, local Comedian Mike Bonner, and the host of “The Blaine Fowler Morning Show,” Blaine Fowler.

To kick everything off we asked them what their favorite childhood game was. Mike Bonner enjoyed a fun game of extreme tag while Vanessa enjoyed jump rope and racing. In fact, Vanessa said she still likes racing today. For Blaine, he enjoyed street hockey.

Next up: Did you have a favorite toy or blanket? And if you did, or child does, when do they outgrow it, or do you take it away? Vanessa had a Raggedy Ann that she loved and that she had throughout her childhood. She believes her mom still has it at her home. Blaine never had a toy or blanket, but his daughter had a baby blanket that she kept until she was 20. He said it was in tatters at the end. For Mike, it was his Rock’Em-Sock’Em Robots, which he still has, though the game is missing a few pieces.

Finally, what thing did you used to do as a kid, that no longer appeals to you? Blaine said Pong, he loved it as a kid, but not so much anymore. Vanessa said she never wants to play Candy Land again. For Mike Bonner, it was Parcheesi.

To hear everything they had to say watch the video above.

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