How the Capuchin Soup Kitchen is rising up to help others during the pandemic

Now, they need your help

Capuchin Soup Kitchen on Live in the D

This article is sponsored by the Capuchin Soup Kitchen.

For more than 90 years, one organization in our community has been changing lives. Our sponsor, the Capuchin Soup Kitchen, has been feeding the hungry since the Great Depression of 1929, and they do so much more. Now, in these uncertain times, they need your support to continue helping the growing need.

Brother Jerry Johnson, with the Capuchin Soup Kitchen, joined host Jason Carr from their “On The Rise Bakery” in Detroit. On the Rise Bakery, is one of 2 residential programs that they have, which focuses on training those in need how to work in a bakery. Usually, they would sell the bread they make, but during the pandemic, they have been giving away the bread and other baked goods in their soup kitchens. They have also reduced the number of people in the program to keep everyone safe.

The pandemic changed a lot of things, so like many, they had to pivot. They concentrated their efforts in three areas, giving away food at their soup kitchens and pantries, allowing people access to their social workers, and keep their residential programs running and safe. Jefferson House, a substance abuse treatment program is the other residential program besides On The Rise Bakery.

In addition to providing food for those in the need, they can also help people find housing, they have a children’s program, and an urban farm.

Currently, they are in need of support to help them continue to serve our community. Visit and click on the “Ways to Donate” tab to see what you can do to help. For the full interview, watch the video above.

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