Stay healthy and hydrated with a new app

Maintain your health goals one sip at a time.

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Drinking water is essential to developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Most people have an easy time remembering to stay hydrated in the summer, but it is equally important in the cooler months and it can also help you lose weight. WW has a new app that can help you stay hydrated. WW coach, Denise Chasey, spoke to Tati Amare about the app and gave clever ways to get creative with the water you drink.

From her own personal experience, Chasey knows the importance of H2O. She credits drinking water with helping her lose 40 pounds 37 years ago. She says it is especially important to drink water during the fall and winter months because of how dry the seasons are. Not only is the air drier, but so is our skin, mouths and throats. This is where the new WW app steps in. It can help you make sure you get enough water with its water tracker feature. The best part of the water feature? All types of water count. You can meet your daily water goals by drinking flat water, distilled water, and sparkling water. Chasey recommends a new type of water that comes from an unlikely source and is full of minerals and electrolytes.

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