Former Charlie’s Angel tackles aging with optimism

Cheryl Ladd catches up with Jason on life after the Angels

Cheryl Ladd on aging with optimism on Live in the D

Cheryl Ladd made her rise to fame as Kris Munroe, joining the cast of the original Charlie’s Angels in it’s second season. Now, she shares her secrets to aging gracefully.

Ladd first began to think about aging when she noticed some changes to her eyesight. She switched out her glasses and tried everything that she could think of, but the problems weren’t going away. Eventually, it even stopped her from driving at night.

The doctor diagnosed her with cataracts, and Ladd said that she had always thought of cataracts as something for older generations. She said, “I thought it was this really old and terrible thing and that I was stuck with it.”

Fortunately, cataracts has a surgical cure, one which Ladd says changed her life. She said that after the surgery, she not only felt younger, but more optimistic about what her life would be like going forward. “My life is not diminishing, my life is brighter and better than ever.” Ladd said.

There are plenty of Cheryl Ladd projects to look forward to, including a possible team up between former agents. Ladd says that her and fellow fictional crime-fighter Jaclyn Smith , who played Kelly Garrett, are still friends today. She says that they’ve been looking for projects to work on together, but haven’t found the one just yet.