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Climate smart, anti-aging skincare with Pour Moi

Pour Moi Climate-Smart Skincare on Live in the D

This article is sponsored by Pour Moi skincare.

Pour Moi Skincare creates climate-smart anti-aging skincare products for your zip code. They customize their products for the climate you live in or travel to. They also have a solution for “maskne”.

“Maskne” is the name for skin problems that result from wearing masks. Your face can easily breakout from wearing a mask because when you breathe out the moisture gets trapped on your skin creating a breeding ground for bacteria. Pour Moi is helping you fight back by offering their “Smart Mask”. This mask has breathing room to prevent trapping the moisture, but continuing to keep you safe.

Pour Moi also have a skincare regimen that will help you look years younger. Right now, Live In The D viewers can get 50% off Pour Moi skincare’s introductory 4-piece set.

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