AARP is helping you stay safe while voting

Did you know you can vote early?

Voting safely with the AARP on Live in the D

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There has been a lot of discussion about voting this year, in particular how to vote safely.

Lisa Dedden Cooper from AARP explained the importance of having information about voting so you can vote safely. She explained that there are 3 ways to vote. You can vote by mail, vote in person on November 3rd, or vote early at your local clerk’s office. If you requested and received your absentee ballot, but rather vote early at your local’s clerks office, you can surrender your absentee ballot before you vote.

If you’ve already voted but want to change something on your ballot, you can talk to your local clerk’s office about “spoiling” your ballot. This will cancel out the one you previously submitted and allow you to submit a new ballot.

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