Here’s what to keep in mind when picking a handbag this fall

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan explains the trends of the season

Styling fall handbags on Live in the D

This Saturday is National Handbag Day and Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan has plenty of advice on how to celebrate. He says he loves the versatility of handbags because they’re a great, functional way to show off your personality.

One trend Jordan said is big this season is whimsy. He showed a few whimsical bags, including one with a colorful dog design, and a scribble inspired bag from DKNY, which gives off the impression of being hand drawn.

The trend of bright, exciting colors also comes through with the popularity of color blocking or patchwork bags. Jordan said you can easily accessorize these bags with scarves, by matching some of the block colors. If block patterns aren’t your thing, try pastels!

Bags with some glitz and glam are also in, and not just for a night time look. Jordan said you can pick up a purse with fringe, sequins, or rhinestones, and that you don’t have to be afraid of wearing it as a daytime look.

While Jordan says you don’t have to match your bag to your look, he showed how you can take advantage of the new normal by matching your purse to your mask. One mask he showed even came with a matching set of earrings, so get creative!

Check out more tips for the fall season in the video above.