It’s finally time to head back to the theater. Don’t forget your popcorn!

MJR Theatres is open with a line-up for the whole family

Reel Talk - The War with Grandpa, Tenet, and The Good Lord Bird on Live in the D

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For the first time in half a year you can go to the movies! MJR Theatres opens today and has a line-up of films for the whole family. Movie reviewer Greg Russel told us which movies you should check out.

The War With Grandpa

This new family comedy stars Robert De Niro, Christoper Walken, Jane Seymour and more. It’s all about a father moving in with his daughter which means the grandson has to move to his new room in the attic. Greg learned more when he interviewed Robert Di Niro, Jane Seymour, and Cheech Marin. Greg gave this movie 4 out of 5 reels.


This action-packed film has already been shown internationally but has finally made it to the U.S theaters. Tenet stars John David Washington who manipulates the flow of time to prevent World War III. Washington is also faced with the challenge of not ending up in the same location as the past him or future him. Greg chatted with Washington about the film and how viewers may need to watch it more than once to understand it. The movie reviewer gave it 4 out of 5 reels.

The Good Lord Bird

This mini-series is based on the award winning novel “The Good Lord Bird”. This “history lesson” film stars Ethan Hawke (John Brown) , Daveed Diggs (Fredrick Douglas), Joshua Caleb Johnson (Henry Shackleford) and more. Greg talked to Ethan Hawke and Daveed Diggs who laughed about how wild John Brown is and how Fredrick Douglas has a unique role in the series. Greg gave this 4 out of 5 reels.

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