Family bond helps create beautiful flower bouquets at Maison Farola

Sisters-in-law teamed together to turn their love for flowers into a successful business

Maison Farola On Live in the D

The special bond you share with friends and family is something to cherish, and for two Metro Detroit women, it has blossomed into a thriving business. It’s a floral shop that lists big time celebrities among its customers. Kila Peeples spoke to the owners of Maison Farola to learn more about their growing company. Maison Farola was opened by Farah Saleh and Oula Siblini in 2015 after they realized their hobby of designing floral arrangements was actually something they wanted to do full-time. Oula, who was a pharmacist, and Farah, an occupational therapist, embraced their love for flowers and opened up a shop out of Oula’s home. Eventually, the business grew and they expanded to a bigger location. The online store reached massive heights when they received an order for a wreath to send to Aretha Franklin’s funeral from the Jackson family.

Watch the video above to see the colorful and exotic floral bouquets Maison Farola create!

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