Catching up with Cameron Frye

Actor Alan Ruck goes over some of his on-set memories

Alan Ruck on Live in the D

Alan Ruck made his name as Cameron Frye in Ferris Buller’s Day Off, and since then has gone on to score roles in major Hollywood productions like Speed and Twister, and in TV series like Spin City and Succession.

Ruck recently made a throwback to his role in Ferris Buller in an ad for Liftmaster’s new smart garage system. In the ad he takes over the role of Cameron’s father, using the garage’s camera to keep an eye on his bright red Ferrari from his office.

He said he’s been keeping in touch with the cast of Spin City, and that he’ll be able to reconnect once he’s back in new York. “I try to get together with those guys whenever I can,” Ruck said, “I made friends for life on that show.”

Ruck also shared some Speed set secrets, talking about how they were able to use the 105 freeway before it opend to the public. He said that they had at least nine different buses, all rigged for different movie stunts. They called one bus the Popemobile, because the crew had built a plexiglass cage on the front where they could set up cameras.

For more from Alan Ruck, watch the video above.