These cookies have a sweet surprise inside

Treat You Batter in Detroit serves up delicious baked goods

Treat you Batter on Live in the D

Treat You Batter has opened up in Detroit, and co-owner Ali Altimimy spoke with Michelle Oliver today to show off some of their baked goods.

Treat You Batter sells more than just cookies, but they’re the crowd favorite. Best sellers include the classic chocolate chip, and Altimimy’s personal favorite, the s’mores cookie. They also serve three kinds of cookies stuffed with a sweet surprise. They serve white chocolate macadamia cookies stuffed with cookie butter, a cheesecake stuffed cookie, and chocolate nutella stuffed cookies. Altimimy also said their iced coffee is very popular, especially the Cuban latte, and their unconventional take on a caramel latte.

Altimimy started the business with his sister Sarah in 2018. The two sold cookies out of their house, and over the last two years built up a demand for their product. Now they have their first shop in Detroit, which they’ve been running for 7 months now.

The two started their business right at the beginning of COVID, and Altimimy said that it was a struggle at first.

“It was unexpected, it was very difficult," Altimimy said, "but you try to manage and you try to focus on the variables you can control.”

To find out more about where you can get Treat You Batter’s cookies, watch the video above.